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Scared of the Auto-flush Toilet?

I’ve known many kids over the years who are petrified to sit on an automatic flush toilet. Often it’s because they’ve wiggled on the seat and had the toilet flush when they were still sitting. Scary!

My daughter went through a period where she refused to use public toilets. It was really difficult when we were on vacation when she was 3 years old. She refused to even try to go to the bathroom all day until we got back to the hotel. We called her the camel. She held it all day without accidents, but that isn’t healthy. The silly girl was very stubborn and I hadn’t thought of this trick yet.

auto flush toiletThe trick?

Cover the sensor. Show them that the toilet won’t flush with the sensor covered. Uncover it and flush when their business is done.

You can use toilet paper (just be sure it won’t slip off) or a post it note.

Sometimes a solution is pretty easy once you try it!

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One reply on “Scared of the Auto-flush Toilet?”

I’m definitely scared of the Auto-flush Toilet. It gives me anxiety and I have to cover my ears. And I’m 33 years old

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