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COVID19 Testing: What you need to know

Many experts feel that testing is key to getting us on track to safely opening up communities. Learn what testing is available and which tests are helpful in various circumstances.

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Use a mask and gloves safely when going out

Use a mask and gloves safely when going out to protect yourself, your family and the community.

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COVID-19: Prepare, don’t Panic!

Coronavirus is all over the news and I’m seeing either panic or denial in many people. Neither of those positions will help. We need to prepare, not panic.

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Help Prevent the Spread of Infections!

Infection prevention has been on many minds during this long flu season. Now that coronavirus is threatening to spread world wide, what can we do?

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Coronavirus has been in the news a lot. Some information is helpful, but a lot is not. Learn from reputable sources, like the CDC and WHO.

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Healthy Holidays!

All of the holidays can be fun, but can lead to stress and health risks. Keep your family safe with these tips.

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A Way to Help Girls Navigate Social Media With Less Drama?

Help your kids navigate social media with less drama by asking them to follow inspirational people. Can it be that easy?

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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween should be a fun time for kids. Help keep everyone safe by following a few simple tips.

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Flu Vaccine 2019-2020

It’s flu vaccine season. There have been shipping delays, but vaccine is starting to show up in doctor’s offices around the country. As soon as it’s available, get your family vaccinated!

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Vaping Risks

As we learn more about the risks of vaping, our children are being enticed to try it with tasty flavors and the false reassurance that it’s safe. Learn the facts and what you can do to help those with addictions quit.